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Celebrate Christmas in Caltagirone: A Journey into the Magical World of Terracotta Nativity Scenes

Welcome to Caltagirone, where every Christmas a fascinating and ancient tradition comes to life - the creation of terracotta nativity scenes, a work of art that is lost in the meanders of the Renaissance. A small theater that becomes a stage open to all, where everyone can be a spectator, narrator and creator of the scene.

This ancient tradition, rooted in the 16th century, has made Caltagirone one of the most important centers in the creation of terracotta nativity scenes. Initially, the shepherd children were modeled in clay, but over the years, ceramic art has profoundly influenced the production of the precious figurines. Each piece reflects the history, customs and ways of life of the era in which it is shaped.

The Nativity Scenes of Caltagirone are famous throughout the world, a symbol of faith and artistic skill in ceramic manufacturing. This skill, handed down from generation to generation among the Caltagirone master craftsmen, continues to keep alive a tradition that has resisted the passage of time.

Once upon a time, Sicilian children dedicatedly saved every penny to purchase the "figurines" needed to build their little Nativity Scenes. Shepherd sellers, known as "pasturari", displayed their works a month before Christmas, transforming the little shops and village fairs into a riot of color and tradition.

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Today, the tradition of the Nativity scene continues to vibrate in the streets of Caltagirone. The city offers the possibility of building and modifying its own plot, adapting the representation to the current time. Terracotta nativity scenes, an expression of craftsmanship and faith, are an unmissable attraction during the Christmas season and beyond.

For those who come from far away to immerse themselves in this magical tradition, the B&B Regina Carolina opens its doors for a welcoming and unforgettable stay. Enjoy comfort and hospitality while completely immersing yourself in the Christmas atmosphere of Caltagirone.

Discover the magic of nativity scenes with the unique experience of the Calatina Tour travel agency

A unique experience awaits you with the Calatina Tour. Explore the workshops of local artisans, admire the terracotta creations and let yourself be fascinated by the mastery that characterizes this ancient tradition. An unforgettable journey in the heart of Christmas Sicily.

Join us to celebrate Christmas in Caltagirone, immersing yourself in the art and tradition of terracotta nativity scenes. Be part of this centuries-old narrative, where every figure, every detail, tells the story of a time that continues to live in the hearts and hands of the artisans of Caltagirone.

We are waiting for you in Caltagirone for an unforgettable Christmas from 11/27/2023 to 01/15/2024!

Caltagirone 25/11/2023

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